How do we create dreadlocks?

We create dreadlocks by using a gentle weaving crochet method. We do not use any wax or chemicals  and recommend you not use  them in aftercare also.

Can I wash my hair?

Yes you can wash your dreadlocks. 

When you first have your dreadlocks installed we recommend to wait at least 2 weeks before the first wash just to give them time to settle. After the 2 weeks you are then able to wash your dreads preferably once a week. Use a natural shampoo that wont leave any residue.

 If I dont want my dreadlocks anymore do I have to shave my hair?

NO. Dreadlocks can be brushed out. It takes a lot of time and patience to do this. How easy it is to brush them out can depend on how they were created. If  there is  product build up it can become quite a painful and draining  process. 

 Will temporary synthetic extensions damage my hair?

They will not damage your natural hair. Your hair can actually benefit from having them installed. You will not need to wash your hair as often and this allows your natural oils  to come back. There is also no heat styling or products being applied  daily as you usually would  with your natural hair.

How long does it take to get dreadlocks?

Time depends on the length of your hair and service you are getting done. it can range from 6 hours to 12 hours. During in this  time you are able to get up and stretch and have a break  if needed.


Are dreadlocks heavy?

Dreadlocks can become heavy after a period of time. They are at their heaviest when they are wet.  Newly installed dreadlocks can seem heavy but give your body time to adjust  and within a week or so the feeling of heaviness fades.