We are all unique with different  stories, but I believe  our paths have crossed for a reason. Even if it is not known why straight away.

Hi, I am Brea and I am here to be with you on your dreadlocks adventure to your genuine self. I have been on this journey my whole life and I created Dreadlocks Breaze to support others to do the same.

Growing up I was that 'different' child, which I loved being... the wild one with messy hair who loved her arts and music. I didn't want to be like everyone else  and in my teenage years it really became my mission to find who I was.

So I went searching and started a decade long adventure to find my genuine self. At the start I envied those I seen who openly enjoyed life like they had everything at their feet. Then I realised I couldn't just sit and wait for that to be given to me, only I could create that life for myself! I knew what I loved and who I wanted to be right then and there, but it seemed so far out reach.

THEN I birthed my son . I had a purpose bigger then myself to change. A reason to fight for that life I had been craving. I made the decision to live  MY life.

The decision and chasing my dream of freedom is how Dreadlocks Breaze was founded. Now I have the pleasure everyday to be myself and help others on their journey. 

I admire everyone who is brave enough to share their individuality. To show the world they don't need to follow society's standards to 'fit in'. I encourage and stand with everyone  on their journey to becoming your genuine self.